The World of a Dinosaur



I am “The World of a Dinosaur” and I love to paint!

I paint on anything I can get my hands on: paper, wood, glass, even people!  🙂🙂

Ironically if you wold ask me to sew by hand even a pair of socks and I would not have the patience for it but I can spend hours and hours of painting tiny drawings on beads or jars. Go figure!

I make jewelries, candles, notebooks, t-shirts and much more. My candles are made using recycled jars, and I love that because I get to transform the entire item into a completely different decorative item. With the lid off the candle offers warmth and ambiance. With the lid on it offers a delicate decorative item even when the candle is over. And the best part is that they can be refilled upon request!

My jewelries are meant to bring the past and the present together. They are inspired a lot by traditional patterns which I love and research constantly.

My notebooks are a reinterpretation of the childhood love for nature. Most of them are delicately decorated with dried flowers as a way of keeping beauty and nature all year long.

Whichever item you choose it was made with love during many hours of painting and after periods of research. I hope they bring you sunshine and happiness!

Thank you and I hope to see you at the market on the 7th of September In the meantime you can see my creations on my or on my Facebook page: The World of a Dinosaur.

Many thanks to the wonderful people from Burenmarkt for this opportunity.

Corina Popa


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